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Pawprints of a walk

I want to take you on the pawprints of a dog's walk. Are you ready for this great "adventure journey"?

You search for the insights of a relaxed, joyful walk where you can communicate over small signs with each other?

In our daily life it is necessary that our dogs walk on a leash instead of walking free and moving like their body needs it. They are not allowed to hunt runners, bikers or greet every dog. Sometimes it is even necessary that the dog walks close to us (crossing streets, narrow paths, ...). For the most human-dog teams, it becomes uncomfortable. The dog pulls, the human hold against and tries to get some attention.

The dog and you have different ideas about a walk. I want to support you to find a balance between your different ideas of a walk and how you can improve your communication and connection.

(Turid Rugaas)


It is a joyful walk for all, this is why your dog should wear a good fitting Y-harnass. The Y-harnass keeps the neck and the shoulders free. Read more about the positive characteristics.

If there are serious problems with pulling on the leash, i would recommend a private lesson at first.

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