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Nosework games

Dogs can detect one scent that has been diluted by a thousand other particles. Figuratively spoken, they can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a double olympic swimmingpool.

Discover the Search and Rescue & detection abilities of your dog. Sniffing is a natural behavior. All nosework games support the mental and physical stimulation, strengthen self-confidence and challenge your dog in a relaxed & natural way. Nosework is teamwork, an ideal way to deepen the bond with your dog.

Nosework games are for every dog:

- Young & senior dogs
- Dogs without issues
- Anxious dogs
- Reactive dogs
- Over-active dogs
- Dogs in rehabilition
- Ressource guarding dogs

(Turid Rugaas)

Nosework games:

- Scent Discrimination
- Lost Retrieve
- Recreational Mantrailing
- ID Tracking
- Sausage / Pancake Tracking
- Find Teddy
- Brainwork games
- ...

In private lessons I can respond perfectly to the needs of you - dog-human-team -, and offer tailor-made nosework games.
In group lessons (3-5 dogs), I offer at regular intervals Scent Discrimination (Detection) and Mantrailing.

All lessons are on a recreative level, but trained in a professional way.

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