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private lesson

€ 55

Includes nosework games, training and the follow up lessons for behavioral problemsolving. Lessons are for every dog - from puppy till senior. A perfect support for people who like a perfect measured training for the needs of their dogs and themselves.*

5 private sub

€ 260

If you decide to take more than one or two lessons, it will be benificial to take a subscription from 5 lessons. For example to accompagny the puppy/ teenie education or a dog with some behavioral issues. But also for just enjoying together nosework games to size.*

Hoopers Private Sub

€ 330

10 turns à 30-35min.

The dog is led through an obstacle course (Hoopers, Tunnel, Ton) by using signals. A 121 training perfectly adapted to your needs.
6 trials € 205. Try out lesson € 38.
Prices are incl. Indoor Place "fee".

group nosework

€ 25

The group lesson incl. Scent Discrimination & recreative Mantrailing. Lessons are organised that each dog-human-team gets my attention for ~30min. Thus, every dog works apart. You as a handler can participate the whole group over the 2,5 - 3 hours.

group nosework sub

€ 210

10 turns.

It includes the usual group lessons for nosework: Speurlessen & Detectielessen.
From these lessons every dog can enjoy and profit - from puppy till senior.

Hoopers Sub

€ 270

Including 10 Hoopers groupslesson à 25-30min.
We train in small groups and you will learn to lead your dog through a course from a distance.
6 beurtenkaart € 165,-

Prijs is incl. the inside arena fee.

Additional information

For 2023 this is the new price schema!

The 10-pack subscription is valid for 12 months.
The subscription packs can't be given to another person or dog.

All prices include sales tax.

* Traveling expenses are extra charged with € 0,40 per km. The first 10km are free of charge.