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My book recommendations for you
by Super User

This list will be filled with books and DVDs, which I find very instructive and recommendable for everyone. It will be mainly basic literature for everyday life, but also specific literature, such as nose work or biomechanics. 

I will only recommend those literature behind which I stand at least 90%. I will write one or two sentences about each book so that you can judge for yourself if this book is interesting.


  • "On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals", Turid Rugaas
    This book exsists in several languages and as DVD. It is a absolutely "must" to have in your doggy library. You will learn how dogs communicate with each other and how to read and understand your dog. You will get a great overview over all mostly minimalistic signs dog use to communicate.

  • "My dog pulls. What can I do?", Turid Rugaas
    This book exists in several languages and as DVD. It is a nice reading book about why does the dog pull and how you can easily stop it in a conscious way.

  • "The Canine Kingdom of Scent - Fun activities using your dog's natural instincts", Anne Lill Kvam
    This book exists in serveral languages and as DVD. With playful ease your dog learns new tasks that he can solve with his nose.

  • "Your Superstar Brain - Unlocking the secrets of the human mind", Dr. Kaja Nordengen
    This book exists in several languages. The title is about the "human brain". The mammalian brain unites us with our dogs and all other animals.

  • "Hunting Together - Harnessing Predatory Chasing in Family Dogs through Motivation-Based Training", Simone Müller
    Predation is an inner need that makes your dog happy. Simone explain you what predation is and why your dog loves to hunt. She also explain how to structure walks as prevention and which predation subsitute tools and games you two can enjoy instead. Learn how a strong emergency cue interrupt the predatory chasing. "Don't spoil the fun - go hunting together!"