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Do you know the bare necessities of your dog?
by Super User

Author & Photos: Kristina Hecklinger (www.humandog.eu)

Every living creature has basic needs. In the moment that we cage animals or make them to our pets, it is our task to take care and to ensure their basic needs. The missing of one of these can cause mental and pyhsical damage to your dog.

Think about a few basic and daily needs you have:

- You have to wee wee, you go to the toilet
- You are hungry, you make yourself a bread without doing any kind of tricks before you eat it
- You feel uncomfortable in your clothes, you wear something else
- You need some talk with a friend, you call your friend

There are different approaches to basic needs identified in the literature, but they all agree on the following 5 basic needs:

1. Water

There should be always a plenty of fresh water available. Water is essential for the regulation of the body temperature. It supports the digestive and metabolic system. In best case, you offer your dog different waters (rain water, tap water, ...).

A dog can become dehydrated and ill quickly if no water is available.

2. Food

It is essential to offer a sufficient amount of high-quality food in 2 till 3 portions per day.

It is absolutely not necessary to let your dog do certain things before he gets his food. So, skip the tricks. Furthermore, the food should be given in a peaceful environment and have all the time he needs. Think twice, would you like to wait in front of your bowl of tasting food after a training, until your partner/mommy/daughter tells you to take it?

Chewing a bone is just as important as eating: It helps to keep the teeth clean and stimulate the dog mentally. Chewing release stress.

3. Wee-wee & Poo-poo

Did you ever think about that the dog is the only animal who is not allowed to poo and wee when he needs to do?

An adult dog has to wee (& poo) 4-6 times per day. Pups, older dogs or dogs who suffer from stress need to pee more frequently.

4. Social Contact

Friends are highly important for our dogs. Friends should enjoy walks together, explore the environment and scents and also have restful moments together. Of course, a small game in between is fun, too. They don't need constantly new dogs, but a few really good friends whith who they can hang out together.

5. Sleep

Round about 18 hours (+/- 2 hours) per 24 hours, the dog needs the possibility to rest on a self-chosen, calm and save place. Be aware that pups, seniors, pregnant and lactating dogs need even more sleep. Nobody should disturb the resting dog.

A rough rule is, that between every “active moment”, the dog will rest and/or sleep 3 hours. Maybe you recognized that already?


Literature: IDTE 2017 - 2019 by Turid Rugaas