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Kristina Hecklinger, born 27.12.1979 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Animal lover. Own ponys treated as natural as possible. Never stop learning and be open-minded.

A few milestones in my life were special animals, people and teacher who passed my path and supported me in my choice for training and being with my animals (horses and dogs).

Another milestone in my life was the International Dog Trainer Education by Turid Rugaas.

I'm officially a member of the PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers Europe; Code of Ethics) and concerning the German Animal Protection Act §11 Para. 1 f, I'm a certificated instructor by the veterinary office (Karlsruhe, Germany).

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Qualifications & Trainings I followed

My motivation in learning will never stop. The different tools, I learn in the followed workshops and lectures let my toolbag grow for you. I can take for every team the fitting tool.

Educations & Trainings / Workshops:

  • Hoopers Belgie-Nederland, Els Hoskens (12.2022) - Diplom Instructor Hoopers; https://www.hoopersbelgie.be/aangesloten-instructeurs/
  • Hoopers Belgie-Nederland, Els Hoskens (07. - 09.2022) - Instructor Education Hoopers
  • Simone Müller (11.2021) - bye bye leash terror - dog encounters sovereign and relaxed
  • Louise Wilson (09.2021) - Super Sniffer Workshop; Wildlife Conservation
  • Dr. Amber Batson (2021) - Puppy Power - Puppy Development Course
  • Craig Ogilvie (2021) - Dog Training - Development of impulse controle (private lessons; 4 weeks online)
  • Craig Ogilvie (2020) – Dog Training – Development of a better play (private lessons; 4 weeks online)
  • Grisha Stewart (2020) - Effort-Less Dog Walking 
  • Louise Wilson (09.2020) - Indication Camp Course
  • Louise Wilson (03.2020, 06.2020) – Super Sniffer Workshop; Louise is specialist in wildlife conservation
  • Mantrailing Europe, Gabrielle Trautmann & Dr. M. Rendine (2019) – Mantrailing – Nasenarbeit aus anderer Sicht
  • Louise Wilson (2019) – Super Sniffer Workshop (3 days seminar)
  • International Dog Training Education by Turid Rugaas (2017-2019)
  • Nosework by Anne Lill Kvam (2018)
  • Caroline Ingraham (Applied Zoopharmacognosy) (2018) – Canine Gateway 1
  • Detection workshops (2016 – 2018) – Belgian Scent Academy (Belgium)
  • Scent Imprint for Dogs (2017) - Detection Level 3 handler & dog
  • Sofie Callens Hondersteboven (2016) – Workshop hunting training for dogs

  • Kenneth Vansweevelt (2016 – today) - Lessons in Academic Art of Riding for Horses, feel the horses biomechanics
  • Noora Ehnqvist (2015) - Body Awareness for riders, Psoas – the muscle of the soul, and conscious presence, focus on the unification of harmonious co-operation, softness and clarity with our horses.
  • Klaartje van Steen (2014 – today) – Working with authentic power and leadership, building true connection, having right intention and focus so the horse understands us

PDTE Online Summit 25.-27.09.2020:

  • Dr. Amber Batson (UK) - What a vet would like all vets and owners to know about neutering
  • Karen Web (UK) - Applied Zoopharmacognosy: animals healing themselves from nature's pharmacy
  • Dr. Conor Brady (IRE) - Everything you need to know about raw food
  • Cristina Budzinski (FR) - Matters of the heart: what can we learn from a dog’s pulse?
  • Dr. Marc Bekoff (USA) - re-defining dogness
  • Dr. Jane Goodall (UK) - In conversation with her as an ethologist and environmentalist
  • Sindhoor Pangal (IND) - How free ranging dogs evaluate and respond to human body language
  • Dr. Frank McMillan (USA)- Social pain in dogs
  • Winkie Spiers (UK) - Back to basics: the principles of dog-centric training
  • Dr. Risë VanFleet (USA) - Helping humans see their animals more clearly
  • Steph Rousseau (IRE) - Home alone: understanding separation anxiety in dogs
  • Pennie Clayton (UK) - Tackling quick fix culture together


  • Dr. Daniel Mills (2020) - Pain and how it is associated to behaviour in dogs
  • Craig Ogilvie (2020) - The Triangle of Positive Reinforcement, Arousal and Control
  • Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (2020) - Scentwork Solutions for Abnormal & Repetitive Behaviours, Fears & Phobias
  • Sofie Callens “Hondersteboven (2016) – Body language of dogs